Company’s service centers

  • Integrated workshop equipped with the latest models of tools, and skilled technicians specialized in maintenance of light and heavy equipment.

  • To ensure expeditious completion of maintenance works, a typical spare parts store founded on modem basis which supplies the workshop and secondary warehouses of the company.


Production Units:

The company has several production units of various construction materials to meet its needs and to cover a part of Libyan market needs as well.

  • Concrete batching Plants:

Five computerized concrete batching plants based on latest intemational technologies to ensure required concrete mix specifications, with a production capacity of up to 120 cu. m/h.


  • Concrete Hallow Block Factories:

Two modern hallow block factories with production capacity of 15000 piece/ day of different types.

Also this factories producing kerbstone for roads and interlock tiles with different sizes and types.


  • Stone crushing plant:

A newly manufactured stone crushing plant producing aggregates of different sizes with production capacity of up to 100 cu. M/h.


الوحدات-الانتاجية1-316x316                     الوحدات-الانتاجية2-3-316x316                     الوحدات-الانتاجية3-316x316